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Bringing Resources In for Teachers and Education.


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Meet With a B.R.I.T.E Funding Specialist.

All awards, whether monetary or property, will be paid either directly to you as the teacher or directly to your school for your use, depending on the policy of the grant or program awarding the resources.  Many grants and funding sources require that you submit receipts and reporting information as part of their contract. The details of the awards and resources will differ program to program but your resource counselor will make sure you are informed when we present your plan of action for your acceptance.  


B.R.I.T.E. simply works on your behalf to get you the things you need to have a dream classroom,  saving your time and energy for your students.

B.R.I.T.E. does not charge a fee, our company is staffed by volunteers devoted to getting the most money and resources for our teachers. 


In some cases, third party vendors such as crowd funding platforms, may charge a fee but you are never obligated to fees or services without your approval.  You will be notified if there are fees for a project and be able to decide if you want to proceed.  Most fees are very minimal, however, we work very hard to get all third party fees covered by donations as our goal is to help our teachers as much as possible.

There are different timelines for each funding source.  Once we receive your request, a resource specialist will contact you and you will be presented with a clear and concise plan of action. When we have your approval we get to work to get you what you need as soon as possible.


National grants take an average of 60 days from application to announcement and usually a little more time for award, but regional grants may pay out much quicker.  Crowd funding platforms average 4-6 weeks for amounts under $1,000. Private donor funds and resources can happen within days if the request matches the donors specifications.  Projects may be fulfilled by one targeted source, a combination of programs, or by pursuing multiple programs until acceptance, depending on the needs and the wants of our teachers.

Does B.R.I.T.E. charge a fee?

How do I get the money or items once they are awarded?

How long does this take?

Do you guarantee I get what I ask for?

Once we receive your request it will be reviewed by our team.  Our resource specialist will then reach out to you to help structure your request to be successful. 


For example:  A teacher sends us a request for new scientific calculators for their classroom.  There are numerous grants and programs that match that need; some may require information on the math scores of your school or program, others may want the number of students that will be using the calculators, some may want nothing at all.  


Another teacher may need shade structures or planters for a community garden.  We may have to research building codes and product guidelines to make sure we approach the correct funding resources to be successful and to be sure that the project is even possible. 


Our only goal is your success!  While there are no guarantees, we have an experienced team devoted to making every teachers dream classroom a reality. 

Why should I use B.R.I.T.E. ?

While there are certainly other organizations out there to help you,  most of those are associated with only one program or purpose.  At B.R.I.T.E we review hundreds of programs and can pursue multiple resources to get you the best result. Our student volunteers shadow our resource specialists, learning valuable skills and practices they can take with them in their journey to become future leaders. Every teacher we helps, helps numerous students too!

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