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Bringing Resources In for Teachers and Education.

B.R.I.T.E. was founded by Shane Clarke, a student entrepreneur, in response to the needs at his own school when state budget cuts were made.  Our student volunteers shadow our team of funding, resource and grant writing experts giving them extensive training in grant writing, crowd funding and resource acquisition.   Every teacher we help builds dynamic leadership skills for our student partners while enriching their learning environment and supporting our educators. 

Students Helping Teachers, Helping Students. 

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In-house Research Teams

Our grant and resource teams are carefully chosen, finding experts with deep knowledge willing to donate their time and students devoted to our cause. We use extensive research and data mining to quickly and easily be able to match a teachers needs with available programs.  Whether it's crowd funding, a national grant, a regional grant, even a contest or promotion; our teams will develop and execute a plan for success.  There is no need to small or too large.



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